How Sustainable Materials Make Body Shaping and Fashion Possible

Fashion is a sector that never stops developing and innovating. Fashion trends always change every season, inevitably forcing you to stay fashionable. And behind the alluring pieces you buy, there is always a story and an environmental cost that we can no longer ignore. In fact, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of carbon emissions worldwide. Hence, viable solutions and alternatives are now being intensively implemented. It is ethical fashion.

Ethical fashion aims to reduce the negative impacts caused by the fashion industry on the environment and society. The most common practice is to use sustainable fabrics. It has been implemented by many fashion brands and you can easily find the products on the market. One sustainable fashion product that is currently a hot topic is shapewear.

Sustainable shapewear is gaining huge enthusiasm from women. They believe that it is not only about including eco-friendly campaigns in their daily fashion essentials, but also about how sustainable material fabrics make shaping and fashion possible. Popular brands like Shapellx are ones that are gaining success with their best sustainable shapewear. However, do you know how sustainable shapewear is the future of tight garments? Here’s the explanation!

Sustainable Fabrics Provide More Effective Sculpting Results

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Sustainable fashion prioritizes producing clothing with a long shelf life, rather than large quantities. That’s why it is considered a better choice, because you will get products that are of higher quality and last longer. And when we talk about shapewear, of course it is important to choose one that is high quality because you wear it every day.

Shapewear is not just body-fitting garments. It is created from a special fabric that provides compression to your body, but is designed to remain comfortable and non-restrictive. Sustainable shapewear offers flexible fabrics that hug you firmly but still conform to your curves comfortably. Due to its premium quality, sustainable shapewear will not easily lose shape and can provide long-term effective compression, even if you have worn and washed it many times.

Sustainable Materials Are Better For Our Planet And Our Health

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Do you know how sustainable fabrics are made? Of course, it is made from eco-friendly materials and the process supports safe working conditions. Green materials can be taken from nature or utilize recycling processes. One brand that uses recycled fabric is Shapellx. Their sustainable shapewear is made from recycled nylon, which requires less water and is energy efficient.

Using sustainable materials is actually not only good for the planet but also for our health. It not only reduces pollution and chemical waste from the shapewear production process, but also results in a smoother, skin-friendly product. Sustainable shapewear is claimed to be more comfortable to wear because the fabric is breathable, light and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. This will reduce the risk of irritation or itching that may occur when you wear your tummy control shapewear all day.

Sustainable Concepts Make Timeless Design Possible

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Another essential aspect in creating a more sustainable fashion cycle is the design of the fashion items themselves. Sustainable design is often associated with more natural and recyclable materials. The design created must also be able to move flexibly following trends, so that it has long-term use and does not look old-fashioned.

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To silence the opinion that sustainable shapewear looks boring like grandma’s corsets, Shapellx actually presents a series of eco-friendly shapewear with flattering and fashionable designs. You will definitely find your best bodysuit, shaper shorts or dress with built in shapewear that comes in elegant and classy designs in this collection. With effective sculpting features, comfortable materials and beautiful designs, Shapellx’s shapewear is the right choice if you want to elevate your look and do better for the planet.

Sustainable Fashion Encourages Innovation and Creativity

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Even though sustainable fashion has become a trend, the process of dissemination to society is still the biggest challenge in spreading this concept. People who are already comfortable with conventional products and practical consumption habits tend to be difficult to change. However, this actually encourages brands to continue to innovate. In the modern shapewear industry, the latest innovations are offered as shapewear dresses and shaping jumpsuits which you can get at Shapellx. These items provide practicality and versatility for those of you who like ease in styling.

For consumers themselves, buying sustainable shapewear means paying for elegant and timeless designs. This allows you to get shapewear that is versatile and easy to mix and match with any item you have in your wardrobe. For instance, you can pair your favorite jeans with a one-shoulder tummy control bodysuit from Shapellx to make you look effortlessly stunning. Or combine your comfy shaper dress with a crop cardigan when you’re hanging out with the girls. If you choose flattering designs from the right brands, your sustainable shapewear will never go wrong with any style!