Skin Treatment

Skin Care

Our skin is like an entire ecosystem all on its own. Our skin has several layers where different types of activities take place. One of the lowest levels of the skin is called the dermis. The dermis is a very important layer of the skin because this is where new skin cells are created. New skin cells make their way up towards the top layer of our skin in order to replace the dead skin cells. As these new skin cells find their way to the topmost layer, the old layer is shed in order to make way for it. This entire process is referred to as exfoliation. As we grow older, the natural exfoliation process may become slow and uneven. As such, it is important to be very mindful of this fact and engage in skin treatments and procedures that allow the natural process of exfoliation to function at optimum levels.

Our skin is one of the most primordial facets of our bodies. How we care for our skin speaks volumes about who we are and has a great deal of influence on the way we are perceived in the world. Most importantly, healthy skin helps to safeguard us from other problems and diseases and allows us to stay as healthy as we can be. As such, getting the right kind of care and treatment for your skin is becoming more and more imperative in the world of today. Sky Blue Dermatology is one of Australia’s most well respected centres for skin care. At Sky Blue, all of the doctors are very well experienced in diagnosing and treating all skin ailments across individuals of any age and background. Everything from simple skin problems to complex and challenging conditions such as skin cancer are treated at Sky Blue Dermatology. Start loving the skin that you are in by taking the first step towards having the best skin possible.